Halloween Find Someone Who

The best whole class Speaking activity -Halloween: Find Someone Who

This Halloween find someone who classroom speaking activity is a great way to get students to use target language and interact. We all know that our students “cheat” when participating in mingle activities. We try to circle the room, listen and pay attention to who is and who isn’t actively or correctly participating. This activity is a great way to make sure they don’t “cheat”!

What does correctly participating in an ESL/EFL classroom mean?

  1. Your students aren’t just pointing to the prompt and writing in a friends initials.
  1. Your students are using correct question and answer formation (correct tense, auxiliary, subject) Are they using the past tense to talk about their Christmas vacation? Are they using the present tense to discuss likes and dislikes?
  • Have your students use the prompts on the cards to write down a question for every card.
  • If the prompt on the card says – Find someone who likes scary costumes. Your student should write down the question using the Present Simple: Do you like scary costumes? 
If you don’t want them to cheat, this is the best way!

  •  Place the cards on a whiteboard or on student desks. Have your students move around until they’ve found each numbered card (1-24) and written down the question. Then move on to a mingle activity where they can speak and interact. Now, you’ve incorporated writing, reading, speaking and reasoning! 
  • 24 full color prompts cards
  • 24 B&W ink saving prompt cards
  • 1 “Find Someone Who” question recording sheet


All of this takes some practice in a second or foreign language. I decided to take the guesswork out of this activity and make it a bit more manageable for teachers. The “FIND SOMEONE WHO” question recording sheet is designed to be used before the activity. 
A sample dialog should look something like this:
Student 1: Do you like scary costumes? (Skill used: Correct question formation)
Student 2: Yes, I do. / No I don’t (Skill used: Correct short answer)
Teacher: Did you find anyone who likes scary costumes?
Student 1: Yes, Mary likes scary costumes. (Skill used: Correct use of the 3rd person singular)
This is also such a fantastic activity because there are so many ways you can use it:
To take a closer look at this activity click here: Halloween: Find Someone Who
Happy teaching and be on the lookout for other seasonal versions of the same game!