Dear Santa Guided Writing Activity for ESL

Writing a Dear Santa Letter and other fun Christmas activities for the classroom!

Writing a Dear Santa letter can be tricky for lower level ESL students. This guided writing activity gives students the tools they need to be able to write the letter independently.

Level 1 – Fill-in -the-blanks: Even newcomers with extremely limited language skills can fill-in these simple sentences and draw a picture of what they’d like for Christmas.

Level 2: Wh-Questions: Have your more advanced students use the Wh-word guide to answer the questions within their writing and create a more engaging and detailed letter.

Do your students need help writing friendly letters to Santa this Christmas? In ESL classrooms with limited language skills, it can seem like a daunting task. These differentiated writing worksheets help provide a clear and simple way for young learners to write a “Dear Santa” letter or for more advanced students to improve their writing.


Playing charades is a great Christmas game that practices the present progressive verb tense in young learners classrooms. This Christmas version is a great way to practice and celebrate the holiday while learning new verbs! Kids love acting out these Christmas action verbs while their classmates guess which verbs they are miming. These colorful cards were designed for use in ESL and EFL classrooms, but they are also an ideal activity for primary grades as well. This exercise is a great way to get students moving, use all that excess energy in a positive way and practice this important verb tense at the same time.

Your students will use common action verbs to mime the action on the card while their classmate use complete sentences to guess the verb. 

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Happy teaching!Your students will use common action verbs to mime the action on the card while their classmate use complete sentences to guess the verb.


This simple writing activity using WH questions is a great activity for young learners. An alternative to the classic “Dear Santa” letter, this Christmas flap book provides 5 simple writing prompts using wh question words : What, Why, Who, When & WhereThe activity is easy to assemble in class or at home and can be used as a point of discussion after your students have finished the activity.
What’s included:

  • Printable flap book (B&W) The 4 flaps print on 2 pages of paper
  • A brainstorming worksheet
  • Directions and teacher guide

 I hope some of these resources help your little learners improve and practice their English!

Happy Teaching and Happy Holidays!