Wh Question Card Game

The ABSOLUTE BEST card games for ESL and EFL students!

Working abroad as an English teacher can be tricky because most of the time you move to a new country and start teaching with limited resources available to you. You have lots of ideas and little time to be making your own resources. Between learning a new culture, getting familiarized with your new surroundings and being in the classroom- not a lot of time is leftover! That’s why I started making my own games for the classroom. I’ve been living abroad now for 8 years. I’ve been teaching kids of all ages for most of those years. If there is one thing that kids hate, it’s worksheets and working from the book. They often find it hard to communicate in English spontaneously – regardless of how many lessons they’ve had or how many years of lessons! In my beginner level classes we always play UNO or WILD to practice numbers and colors. It’s a game that everyone loves. However, as they advance their language skills and become more fluent, they still want to play the same game. I really can’t spend a half hour of classroom time playing a silly numbers and colors game with kids that have known these words for years. I decided to make the game more challenging by adding WH-QUESTIONS to each card. The objective is that if you want to use your card, you have to answer a question. All of the questions are designed for elementary levels in the Present Simple, Past Simple and Present Continuous tenses! It’s easy to play, competitive and students are forced into both reading the question in English and Oral production of the answer. If students answer incorrectly, it’s the perfect opportunity for you as the teacher to review the proper structure of the answer! The best part is that once you print and laminate it- you can use it for years to come! It’s extremely portable- take it with you to private lessons and different schools. The best part? Students love it.
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You can purchase this card game to download and print: WH-QUESTION CARD GAME


You can purchase this card game to download and print: ACTION VERBS CARD GAMES
  • Present Continuous (Positive, Negative & Questions Forms

You can purchase this card game to download and print: PRESENT PERFECT & PAST SIMPLE CARD GAME

  • Practice the simple past: – Regular and Irregular verbs
  • Present Perfect- Have you ever?

You can purchase this card game to download and print: ICEBREAKERS CARD GAME

Vocabulary Games

Name 2 – Vocabulary Building Uno for ELL’s

  • Things, People, Places, Verbs and Words

Opposites – Antonyms UNO

  • Adjectives and their opposites
I hope some of these engaging games come in handy with your students and they enjoy using them as much as I do!  Happy teaching!