Speaking practice questions for kids

Having trouble getting your ESL/EFL Kids to speak??

This is a great activity to help your students respond to questions using the Present Simple , Past Simple and Present Perfect verb tenses. If you need a great way to help your students with speaking skills, this is a must-have- After years in the classroom, I still find it hard to get my students to speak in English- spontaneously!


That’s when a SPEAKING JAR OR BOX comes in handy!


Do your students tend to answer questions with one word answers? I’ve got you covered. Having targeted topics help with speech production in a second language. I’ve found that rules need to be set up in advance.  The rules are:
 1. If you really didn’t do anything over the weekend- invent something fun!
2. One word answers – ARE NOT ANSWERS!


All of the questions are ideal to use with school aged children with topics including: likes/dislikes, daily routine, past events and more.

Students should choose a random question from the jar or box and either answer the question or ask a classmate to answer. This reinforces both asking and answering simple questions in the present and past tenses.

  • Great for primary and school aged ESL/EFL students.
  • Perfect ice breaker Getting to know you” activity for the beginning of the year
  • Transitioning activity
  • End of class exit questions
  • It’s a “Print once and keep using forever” activity.
  • Easy to differentiate – Three different levels of questions

The question cards have no rounded edges!!

154 Question cards (Three different levels)
  • Questions 1-50 (Level 1) – Present Tense Questions
  • Questions 51-100 (Level 2) – Past Simple Questions
  • Questions 101-150 (Level 3) Present Perfect Questions
  • 4 Starred Questions – Students can ask a question of their choice
  • “Let’s Chat Question Jar/Box Labels for all levels
I created this three level question jar activity with speaking in mind. It’s a great warm-up or lesson closing activity when you only have or need to fill a short 10-15 minute span. Sometimes after an entire lesson of eliciting speech production, teachers run out of materials! That’s when the Let’s Chat Question Jar comes into play.

This jar/box can be used all year once is it prepared by simply laminating the cards and putting them in a box or jar.

  •  Use it over and over (students will probably not pick the same question more than once!)
  • Substitute or add more difficult questions as the year progresses and students’ levels improve.
  •  Have students ask each other the questions


This is a great vocabulary building speaking or writing activity to help your students think of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter related English vocabulary. Students must choose a random card from the jar or box and name 3 things. The cards are separated by season and make a great warm-up or cool down activity. It’s also great to have on hand to transition from one activity to another. This can be used as an oral activity or a written activity for fast finishers. The questions are separated by season, so this resource can be used all year. At the end of the year, all of the questions can be combined as a great vocabulary review.

  • 25 SPRING themed “Name 3” cards
  • 25 SUMMER themed “Name 3″cards
  • 25 AUTUMN themed “Name 3” cards
  • 25 WINTER themed “Name 3” cards

Happy teaching!