Grammar Based Card Games to Get Your Students Speaking….

Here is a new card game to practice those tricky regular and irregular Past Simple Verbs and the Present Perfect. I find these card game to be so useful in the classroom after my traditional grammar lesson. It’s a great way to practice – It’s engaging and competitive and gets students speaking. These games are so more more fun to use than a traditional question and answer session. You’ll notice that the more you use these types of games in your classroom, the more your students will begin to play the entire game in English. They will start to automatically think of the numbers and colors in the target language. They’ll be able to interact with the other players in L2 and gradually it will become a full-immersion activity. Here are a few of my favorites:

Past Simple and Present Perfect Question Card Game

Wh- Question Card Game (What, Why, When, Where

I recently created a Wh-Question card game that resembles a popular card game known and loved worldwide! Not only has it been a big hit in my classrooms, but seems to be quite popular in ESL/EFL classrooms around the globe. So popular that I turned it into two different volumes.
Volume 1: What, Why, When, Where
Volume 2: How often, Who, How, What time

 What am I? Guessing Game for People, Places and Objects

This is the mother of all guessing games for ESL students. It is extremely helpful because it includes a flap book and notebook insert to help the students formulate their clues and questions. This takes students out of their comfort zone when describing anything. “It’s big and brown” isn’t specific enough for the other students to guess what it is. By adding a variety of adjectives and descriptors to the mix, we automatically elicit important vocabulary from our students. Click the link below to take a closer look at this downloadable resource!


Kids LOVE board games and I have an entire collection of grammar and vocabulary based 2 page printable board games that you will absolutely love. They are colorful and engaging and most of all TARGETED.
Each board game practices specific skills including:
WH questions board Game

This is a great board game to practice forming sentences that use long and short comparative and superlative adjectives in English. Students can practice and review making sentences in the positive form. One, two and three syllable regular adjectives and a few irregular ones too! Here’s how to play: All players must begin the game on start. Each player rolls or draws a number and moves forward accordingly.
When a player lands on the “C” they must pick up a COMPARATIVES card and correctly form the comparative sentence. 
When a player lands on the “S” they must correctly form a SUPERLATIVE sentence.
If they are not able to complete the sentence correctly they must go b
ack to the square they were on previously and wait for their next turn to move forward.
The player who gets the the finish square first is the winner!
Comparative and Superlative Adjective Board Game
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