Present Simple Grammar Task Cards

How to use Grammar & Vocabulary Task Cards in your classroom

Every year I teach English to students of all different levels and skill sets. It would be great to have all of our students at the same level and on the same page, but let’s face it – that’s not going to happen!    This is where Task Cards kick in and can really help where some or many are struggling. Here’s a list of some of the topic based ESL Task Cards available HERE

Prepositions of Place - Spatial Concepts Task Cards
Prepositions of Location Task Cards

I decided many years ago to implement them as a part of our weekly routine! I divide my class into groups and each group grabs a set of task cards. Give each student a recording sheet or one recording sheet per group. Your students can either record their individual answers or decide the answer as a group. Many teachers think that task cards can only be used one on one or with a single student. Thankfully, this isn’t the case! In this blog post I’ll talk about some of the ways to implement this type of activity into your classroom with both small and large groups.

Individual students: Have a fast finisher or a student struggling with a certain aspect of the language? The great thing about these sets is that you can have your student self-correct with the answer sheet!
Small groups: If your students work well in groups, nominate a “recorder” who will write down the answer that the group decides on. Give each group a different set of cards and route them each week.
Large groups or full class: Scoot is a great way to use task cards. How do you play? Lay out the cards in numerical order –  place them on each desk or in front of each chair depending on your classroom setup. Have your students move around the room “scooting” from one card to next until they’ve completed the entire set! (This is actually my favorite way to use them).


Present Simple TASK CARDS

Practice positive/negative and question forms with this set. If your students are newcomers and 35 cards seems overwhelming- give them half of the cards now and the other half next week. 

Present Continuous TASK CARDS

Past Simple Irregular Verbs

Mixed Verb Tenses



Object and Possessive Pronouns

If you would like to purchase ALL of these task cards in a heavily discounted bundle, you can purchase the BUNDLE -HERE!

This bundle contains 280 different task cards related to Elementary level English grammar and vocabulary. They are great resource to have on hand and pull out when a little extra practice is needed, for test prep or when a student is struggling with a specific concept. Click on the preview for each individual set! Each set is available to purchase on it’s own but by purchasing the entire bundle you’ll be saving $.

Happy Teaching