Sight Words Card Game

Sight Word Card Games to help with reading fluency

We all know that literacy is not about memorizing sight, dolch and cvc words! As teachers we also know that knowing certain high frequency sight words can leave our students feeling more confident in reading. I speak from the standpoint of an ESL teacher. English is tough. Let’s face it. The pronunciation is ridiculous and students often struggle with very simple words. As adults, we do too!

How should we pronounce “data” for example? While I firmly agree that learning to read is MUCH more than memorizing a list of highly occurring words, it’s also a great way to increase confidence and focus more on trickier words after we have a firm grasp on sight words. My sight words card games have been extremely popular because they are a simple way to practice and review. These card game play like UNO with a twist. Your students must read the sight word on the card to use it. WIN-WIN! In a single game, you’ve practiced numbers, colors, sight words, reading, listening skills (and turn taking) for the very young learners.

Each reading skills UNO inspired card game features Dolch aligned high frequency sight words. In order to use a card, the student must match a number or color and say the sight word. Each sight word is repeated twice for more practice. These are great games for beginning readers in small groups or centers. Also included is a sight word tracker worksheet so they can write don the words they read throughout the game. You can also purchase this comprehensive best-selling bundle of SIGHT WORD GAMES for Pre-K through 2nd grade!

My sight words card games are divided into five levels:

80 Word cards: 40 Pre-Primer Sight Words

102 Word cards: 51 Primer Sight Words
80 Word cards: 40 First Grade Sight Words


92 Word cards: 46 Second Grade Sight Words


80 Word cards: 40 Third Grade Sight Words


By popular demand I’ve added a set of CVC short vowel a-e-i-o-u cards. I hope these can help any students that are struggling with CVC words. These cards are also a fantastic game to play with your children who are learning to read.

CVC – Short Vowel: a-e-i-o-u

Happy teaching!