Conversation and Speaking Question Jar for Kids

The BEST classroom activity to increase speaking and fluency

If I could choose only one activity to have prepped and ready to use at all times- it would be this. Why? It’s just so functional. Once you do the minimal prep, its always at your fingertips.
  • Do you have 5 minutes left before the end of class? – Pull it out!
  • Do you need a quick activity to transition with? Pull it out!
  • Do you have a few fast finishers? Put them in a group and pull it out!
  • Do you just need your students to practice speaking? Pull it out!

ESL Kids Question Jar Activity – 150 questions


What’s so nice about having a Question jar/box like this in your classroom is the ease of use. It will literally be the best $4.25 ever spent. It doesn’t require much explanation. It’s already differentiated so you can use the correct level depending on your students skill set. did I mention that it’s super portable? If you travel from lesson to lesson or classroom to classroom, the strips are small enough that you can even keep them in your pocket! 🤣 (not recommended). There are 3 levels included in this set:
  1. Present Simple – 50 open and closed ended questions
  2. Past Simple – 50 questions using both regular and irregular verbs
  3. Present Perfect – 50 questions using How long, Have you ever

If you want to put them in boxes, I use these colored transparent plastic photo keeper boxes for just about everything. Flashcards, task cards, conversation cards – you name it! This activity fits perfectly in these boxes and you can easily grab the level you are looking for. (The above link is an affiliate link).


If you’d like to take a closer look at a preview of this product, just click this link.
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