student profile getting to know you worksheets

STUDENT PROFILES: Let’s find out who your students are this year!

Student profiles are a great way for students to introduce themselves to you and their classmates with limited speaking and/or vocabulary skills. As teachers, we WANT to know more about our students. It helps us to better organize our year, assess likes and dislikes and find out a little bit more about what’s in store for us during the course of the year. With ESL students it’s often uncomfortable for them to have to give an oral “ABOUT ME” type of presentation. These STUDENT PROFILE SHEETS make a great visual bulletin board display after they are completed by your students.

Introductions can be a difficult task for ESL & EFL teachers. Depending on your situation, you could find yourself in a class where nobody speaks English well enough to introduce themselves to their classmates. Your students might be from all different countries and speak different languages. Embarrassment kicks in and we wind up with some very short, and very awkward student introductions. In my classes, I threw out oral introductions years ago. It was painful for my little students and painful for me as their new teacher. After all, would I really want to introduce myself in a new language on my first day/week of class? Nope, that would take some major confidence – even for an adult.

I designed this STUDENT PROFILE PAGE so that students could quietly (no speaking pressure) introduce themselves to each other. A more passive “Getting to Know You Activity”. I think that these make wonderful bulletin boards that students can take a look at throughout those first weeks of school.
It may require extra help for your newcomers and that’s why you should be making your rounds while your students fill them out.

They can bring a photo of themselves to attach, or draw a picture! You decide.
Have your classes fill out their individual profiles. 
(Version A)This version is specific to ESL and EFL classes. 

Version B is designed to be played as a guess who type game where students guess which classmate the profile belongs to based on the clues provided. This can also be used a few weeks into school where your students know each other a little bit better. 
Version C is designed for all classrooms and does not include questions about country of origin or native language. This can be used with all young learners and works great in EFL / ELA settings.
What’s included in this download: There are 6 worksheets
  • Versions A,B,C (see preview) in color
  • Versions A,B,C in Black & white (you can print them on white or colored paper)
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Happy teaching – Brooke