Past Tense Question Cards

Present Simple Conversation Cards That Every ESL Teacher Should Own

I love these cards (well, I should. I made them😀) I created this set using all Present Simple questions. Sometimes I’ve found that beginning English students get frustrated because they want to speak but have limited vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. Sometimes teachers just don’t know what to ask – keeping it simple (Present Simple). These cards are great because they are also divided by category:

  • Is/ Are 
  • Do /Does
  • Adverbs of Frequency, How often questions to talk about daily routine
  • Questions with What, Where, How Many, Who, When 
  • Have got questions to talk about possession.
Here is a link to this printable product:  Present Simple Conversation Card Set – 150 Cards

Present Tense conversation question prompts for A1-A2 Elementary ESL students. These 140 cards are designed to practice answering basic open and closed ended questions. Practice using short answers with very basic users: (Do/Does, Is/Are, Can/Can’t, Have got). Then gradually progress to WH-questions and adverbs of frequency (who, what, where, when, why, what time + how) They are great for practicing simple question and answer conversations and listening skills in small groups or as a partner activity. They include subjects such as: food, weather, likes, description, daily routine, favorites and more! The questions are groups into categories for ease of use. They are small and can be used on-the-go or pulled out during any lesson for extra practice. This set is an essential for elementary level ESL teachers. It’s extremely useful to get your students speaking while using specific, targeted, level appropriate grammar. *Some of the questions are designed for use with kids however they can be modified during the lesson by simply changing a word or two. Ex: What time do you go to school? Change to —> What time do you go to work?

What’s included in this pdf file:

  1. Wh-questions : who, what when, where, why, what time, how
  2. Adverbs of Frequency : – How often?
  3. Do/Does: Closed ended for short answer practice using a variety of verbs
  4. Is/Are: – Closed ended for short answer practice using the verb BE
  5. Can/Can’t: Questions about abilities. Closed ended for practice using short answers
  6. Have got: Questions about possession. Closed ended for practice using short answers.

Happy teaching!