ST PATRICK'S DAY classroom posters

St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Posters – Instant Bulletin Board

 These easy, low prep St. Patricks Day Classroom Posters are a great way to add instant color to your classroom. While elaborate  bulletin board decor looks amazing, I’ve never had the time to cut, arrange and figure it all out. I’ve always avoided decorations that seem too complicated or time-consuming. T

That’s exactly why my INSTANT classroom decor posters are just that: INSTANT. Just print on card stock or laminate for durability, hang up in your classroom and you are done! You’ve added color, theme and festivity in 5 minutes. The great part is that once you’ve figured out the perfect place to position these posters, you can easily take them down at the start of each season or holiday and replace them with the next set.
This is the St. Patrick’s Day classroom poster set pictured below.

If you are like me, when you find something that works – you buy the bundle! That way decorating your classroom doesn’t become a chore.


If you decide that you would like to be ready for the whole year with more than these St. Patricks Day classroom decor posters, take a look at the BUNDLE below. don’t need to spend hours on the internet or purchase accessories to go with each display.


Each of these holiday and seasonal poster sets includes 8 posters. Use them all or switch them out to make different displays each season!

This bundle includes everything you need for the entire school year:


  • Christmas Posters
  • Valentine’s Day Posters
  • St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Posters
  • Halloween Posters


  • Spring Decorative Posters
  • Summer Posters
  • Fall/Autumn Classroom Poster Set
  • Winter Printable Posters
Keep these poster sets in mind if you’re a busy teacher looking for cheerful bulletin board/wall decor that’s colorful and easy to prep!
They also work great with most ages from young learners through middle school! Looking for grammar posters for your classroom? Check out this blog post.
Happy teaching