Ways To Practice Grammar in the Classroom

Today I’ll be talking about my favorite ways to incorporate (sneak) grammar into your lessons.
Teachers, listen up…. It’s all about games!
I’ve been using PRINTABLE CARD GAMES in the classroom for years. I learned early on teaching young learners EFL classes that if I could disguise the lesson as a game – attention span, retention and willingness to participate increased greatly! I shortly became a master at inventing games to practice different grammar and vocabulary and let me tell you – it works wonders!

It’s so easy to implement a 15-20 minute game time when you start to see signs of boredom during a traditional lesson (whiteboard, worksheets, etc).
You can read more about using games in the classroom by clicking HERE.
Here are four simple card games that’ll get your students talking and interacting! You’ll be able to add grammar, speaking, listening and language into each lesson.
How to play:
In order to use a card, the student must answer the question on the card. This game is similar to UNO.

Action Verbs Card Game

80 unique cards with both a picture and an infinitive verb form are included in this set. In order to play a card, the student must use the verb pictured in a complete sentence using the present continuous.
Each card is  positivenegative or question form. (Depending on the card). This way your students can practice all three forms and have better fluency in this tense. If you are interested in more activities relating to Action Verbs and the Present Continuous, click HERE

Wh- Question Card Game (Set 1) – What, Where, Why, When

Modestly speaking, this card game is my  #1 bestseller for a reason – it’s an amazing way to practice answering questions. Some students are embarrassed to answer questions in front of an entire class. Card games are a great way to encourage speaking and listening in small groups while focusing on two aspects: the game and the correct answer.

The BEST part is that after you print and laminate the cards, you’ll have them on hand for years to come. If you’re interested in purchasing my bestselling MEGA-BUNDLE CLICK HERE

Past Simple and Present Perfect Card Game

We all know that our students can use as much practice as possible when it comes to mastering both the Past Simple (Irregular Form) and the Present Perfect. For many of our students there is no corresponding tense to translate from their native language. It is often a challenging verb tense to explain and gain fluency in, This grammar question card game is a great way to improve correct answer formation for questions in the Past Simple (both regular and irregular forms) and Present Perfect (Have you ever…) questions. 

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