3 Christmas Writing Crafts Your Students Will Love

Christmas is a great time to introduce writing crafts or craftivities if you haven’t already tried them in your classroom. You might be wondering, what exactly is a “craftivity”? Well, it’s the perfect mix of a simple coloring activity and a simple writing activity that students love! Here are three activities you can use to promote creative, descriptive ad narrative writing. These activities are designed with young yearners or English as a second language students. These activities are two pages each and consist of a simple coloring topper and a writing prompt. Let’s start with my favorite: Sleigh Decorating Competition where you will host an actual contest.

Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible when decorating their sleighs – using colors, stickers and any materials they have available. After they’ve decorated their craft, the contest begins. Included in this resource are secret ballot slips where students can vote for their favorite sleigh. Count up the ballots and see who won! Make it more fun with simple prizes (mini-erasers, candy or chocolate). I’ve created a collection of other Christmas Craftivities that can also be purchased in my store! Each writing activity is low-prep. Just print off two pages per student.

– coloring supplies
– writing supplies
– scissors

Christmas Descriptive writing crafts

Looking for a great Christmas descriptive writing activity? You can take a closer look at the resource here: Christmas Sleigh Contest Writing Craftivity

Writing is a very important skill for ESL students and oftentimes even more difficult to master than speaking. If you are looking for other Christmas games and activities, check out this blog post titled: 3 Engaging Christmas Activities to use in your ESL Classroom


  1. Print the necessary components (2 pages – a topper and a writing sheet).
  2. Have students complete both pages.
  3. Cut out, glue together and voilà – you Christmas craftivity or Bulletin board is complete!

Take a closer look at my Christmas Descriptive Writing Crafts


  • Writing Prompts
  • Blank Writing Pages if you wish to assign your own prompt
  • Lined and unlined pages
  • Topper
  • This resources prints in black and white and is intended to be colored by students


If you haven’t yet ventured into the realm of incorporating Christmas descriptive writing crafts into your teaching repertoire, I highly recommend giving them a try. These crafts require minimal preparation and are also incredibly easy to assemble, making them a low prep addition to your lesson plans. Students particularly love the creative freedom these projects offer, transforming what might seem like just another writing assignment into a personalized and enjoyable craft project.

The versatility of writing crafts not only engages students but also provides an opportunity for them to express themselves in unique ways. By combining the art of crafting with the written word, you open a door to a world where creativity knows no bounds.

One notable advantage of integrating writing crafts into your curriculum is the seamless transition from individual creative endeavors to a collective showcase of student work. With minimal effort, you can transform their creations into a vibrant and festive holiday bulletin board, adding a touch of color and creativity to your classroom decor. The visual representation of their efforts not only fosters a sense of accomplishment but also serves as a source of inspiration for both students and visitors alike.

Christmas is a great time to introduce these fun writing projects to your students!

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Happy teaching!