Halloween Activities for ESL Students

Halloween Learning Activities for ESL Your Students Will Love

Halloween is just around the corner, and as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, you have a golden opportunity to make language learning so fun and so spooky for your students by incorporating Halloween learning activities. Adding themed resources into your lessons not only adds a touch of excitement but also helps engage and motivate learners. In this blog post, we’ve rounded up a selection of ESL Halloween learning resources that your students are sure to adore.

Look no further! Here are some simple, effective Halloween resources that are easy to use as well!

1. Halloween Vocabulary Flashcards: Kickstart your Halloween-themed lessons with a set of Halloween vocabulary flashcards. From witches and ghosts to pumpkins and candies, these flashcards help students associate words with images, making vocabulary acquisition more engaging and memorable. Looking for other seasons and holidays? Here’s the bundle: VOCABULARY FLASH CARD BUNDLE – SEASONS AND HOLIDAYS EDITABLE FLASHCARDS FOR ESL

Halloween vocabulary flashcards

P.S. Keeping flashcards organized and easy to access for you and your students has been a game changer! Ever since I started using these color coded photo keeper boxes I’ve been able to keep sets of flashcards together and easy to use and assign. Here’s a link to some different options that you might like. (This is an affiliate link.)


Halloween Worksheets and Activity Packs: Consider using ESL Halloween worksheets and activity packs that feature a picture dictionary, writing prompts, word searches, crossword puzzles, and more. These resources offer a delightful way to reinforce vocabulary and grammar while keeping students entertained. These activities are great to have on hand as extra activities for fast finishers, homework assignments and group work!

Halloween Worksheet and Vocabulary Pack for ESL


Escape rooms are an amazing classroom Halloween activity for so many reasons. Students seem to be attracted to any kind of mystery that they have to solve so they are inherently engaging and make learning feel like an adventure. The Candy Thief Solve the Mystery Activity is a great way to practice Halloween vocabulary and concepts while having fun! They are also a great for:

  1. Teamwork and Collaboration: Escape rooms promote teamwork and collaboration. Students must work together, communicate effectively, and pool their language skills to solve puzzles and escape. This not only enhances their language proficiency but also fosters valuable social skills.
  2. Problem-Solving Skills: Escape rooms require critical thinking and problem-solving. Students must decipher clues, analyze information, and make connections, all of which are essential skills for language learners. This hands-on approach to learning reinforces their ability to think in English.
  3. Vocabulary Expansion: A Halloween-themed escape room introduces students to a range of Halloween-related vocabulary, from spooky creatures to festive decorations. They’ll encounter words and phrases they might not come across in traditional lessons, enriching their vocabulary.
Solve the Mystery Halloween Escape Activity using Parts of Speech and Vocabulary



In this dynamic board game activity, students roll a dice, eagerly anticipating their move on holiday themed game board. The thrill lies in picking a grammar or vocabulary based task card. The challenge? To progress forward, students must not only rely on the roll of the dice but also showcase their english language skills by correctly answering the question posed on each task card. Elements like rewards or penalties to make the game more exciting. Check out this Halloween Editable Game Board HERE

If you’ve never used task cards as part of a board game before, check out this article on Creative Ways To Use Task Cards In The Classroom.

This gamified approach to grammar practice will motivate your students and transform the learning experience. A great way to try this out is my using blank board game templates with task cards that your’ve purchased or already own! Check out this set of seasonal board games that can be used with ANY task cards.

Halloween Board Game - Learning Activity for ESL

Some simple steps to follow to make your own board games:

  1. Game Setup: Create a colorful and visually appealing game board with a path that includes different spaces for players to move along. You can design the game board to match the theme of the grammar concept you’re focusing on or keep it general. You can check out my board games bundle HERE
  2. Prepare a set of grammar task cards that cover various grammar rules or concepts. Each card should have a question or prompt related to the grammar skill you want your students to practice. For example, if you’re teaching past tense verbs, the task card might ask students to change a sentence from present tense to past tense. Check out this IRREGULAR VERB BOARD GAME
  3. Players will take turns rolling a dice or spinning a spinner to determine the number of spaces they move on the game board. When a player lands on a space, they draw a grammar task card and read the question or prompt aloud. If you’re looking for pre-made board games that come complete with a theme, games pieces and grammar questions, take a look at the COMPLETE GRAMMAR GAMES BUNDLE

This Halloween season, make language learning a treat for your ESL students with these spooktacular resources. By integrating Halloween-themed materials into your lessons, you’ll not only boost engagement but also create a memorable and enjoyable learning experience. Happy Halloween and happy learning!

Happy Halloween